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Wednesday Night Fellowship 2015

Wednesday night fellowship begins at 6:00 pm with a meal and everyone is invited to attend
Childrens programs begin at 6:30
This year we are excited to present our Revelation Seminar that begins at 6:45 (please see details and schedule below)
Revelation 101 - Finding Jesus in the book of Revelation

Each session will include new insights from the book of Revelation, connections with other portions of Scripture,
interaction, personal applications, a Participant's Guidebook, plus Q&A time.

You're invited to come discover Jesus in the book of Revelation. This last book of the Bible has intrigued, frustated, inspired, and angered people for hundreds of years. Some simply ignore it. How about you?
The book begins with "The Revelation of Jesus Christ..." but many never find Him and perhaps get sidetracked with beasts and symbols and much that seems quite foreign to Jesus Christ.
Want to find Jesus? Bring a Bible or use one available for you at this intensive. We'll have a Participant's Guide for you and a straightforward presentation of what we can find right in Scripture. Expect some new insights.
Some parts will still be hazy or unknown. And Jesus will come through as the hero, warrior, king, and Savior. In addition to a fresh revelation of Jesus, you will likely see yourself in a new way as well!
Instead of trying to match up Revelation with newspaper headlines or magazine reports, our focus will be on how Jesus remains sovereign and how this plays out on the stage of our planet and our individual lives. We'll have a question and answer time following each study.

Pastor Travis Forde is the lead pastor for the Wichita South and Harper Seventh-day Adventist Churches. He
received his B.A in Theology from Union College and his Masters of Divinity from Andrews University. He has
studied and taught the book of Revelation throughout his career as a Pastor in Kansas and as an evangelist
overseas. In his spare time he and his wife Heather enjoy traveling and being out in nature.

Children's Programs Provided

Revelation Intensive: Wednedsay Evenings 6:45-8:00

(click on blue session dates below for audio recording)
Oct 7: Building the Foundation
Oct 14: Three More Keys
Oct 21: The Seven Churches part 1
Nov 4: The Seven Churches part 2
Nov 11: The First 4 Seals
Nov 18: The Last 3 Seals and 144,000
Dec 2: The First Three Trumpets
Dec 9: The Last Four Trumpets (no audio)
Dec 16: The Heart of The Book - Part 1
Jan 6: The Heart of The Book - Part 1 Cont.
Jan 13: The Heart of The Book - Part 1 Cont.
Jan 20:
 Program canceled due to bad weather
Feb 3: The 1st Angels Message
Feb 10: The 2nd and 3rd Angels Message (no audio)
Feb 17: The First 5 Bowls/Plagues
Mar 2: Review of Interpretation Keys / Armageddon 
Mar 16: 7 Bowls/Plagues Part 3 - Rev 17 & 18
Apr 6: Revelation 19
Apr 13: Revelation 20
Apr 20: Revelation 21 and 22